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A fun way to get to know the world's first industrial city

During the last 200 years Manchester has, at times, led the UK (and the world) in political thinking, industry and commerce, science, and the arts. Our quizzes highlight some of the achievements and locations at the heart of the city's rich history and culture

A quiz with a difference! Designed just for your group

if you have a particular theme or subject you want to cover we can build that into your walk. We can also organise refreshment stops or meals to suit your group.

We will be with you to get you started and to provide the answers to the questions when you finish (plus more facts and background to go with the answers).

An inexpensive event for your company or social group

Engage your staff, your customers/suppliers or your social group for 2-3 hours after work or at a week-end. Its informative, relaxed, and requires some mildly competitive team work but no expensive room bookings or  hefty drinks bills!

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